I always make sure that I do not waste any resources, financial or physical, that I have invested in this PTC Program. I take full advantage of the tuition fee expenses in UPOU by finding answers to my questions regarding my children’s differences in intelligence. By so doing, each discussion has more than motivated me to critically examine and scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of each theory.
Finals are already around the corner and still I am not comfortable with distance education. I have tried my best to self-regulate but still I am overwhelmed by the readings and assignments we have to submit. I also do not know if I can make it until the last trimester. The reading requirements bundled with my family responsibilities physically and mentally drain my energy. Nonetheless, I have decided to make this experience a fruitful one by finding its application to my children’s learning.
Every discussion is a venue for me to unravel the mystery behind the differences in my children’s intelligence. Without realizing it, I was already developing high order thinking skills. In our first few weeks, I was not able to grasp the essence of what we were learning. When I realized this, I asked help from our teacher. She said that I should not merely echo what I have read; rather I should try to make learning a personal experience. This is what I did.
Whenever I feel unsure about finishing this program, I have decided to make it a point that I maximize every opportunity. At the very least, I must learn how to be a better tutor and teacher to my children who are at the top of their class. Finding a connection between theories and their practical use for my most beloved children enabled me to clearly understand, remember, analyze and synthesize, and apply what I have been learning. An epistemological approach also allowed me to create my own personal theories which I deem are applicable to my children’s unique learning needsimagesCAP2MN47.


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