The Pros of Distance Education (An Overview of the Different Learning Theories)

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June 4, 2013

8 a.m. I just finished doing household chores. It’s time for me to study for my Quiz #2 in EDS today.

10 a.m. After a few hours of reading my module, my kids and I simultaneously felt hungry. We decided to have instant lomi for merienda. The hot soup was so satisfying. We decided to have our early “fried chicken” lunch along with our lomi.

11:30 Summer is still around the corner so my kids and I decided to go inside our air-conditioned bedroom. I read my module once again. (DUNN & DUNN ENVIRONMENTAL ELEMENTS – temperature and sound) I noticed my kids were also very quiet so I checked what they were doing. They got their books and read in advance for their classes which will open next week. (SOCIAL MODELING)

My kids’ opinion: To see our mother motivated and so focused in studying is a better way of encouraging us to study. Setting an example of hard work is better than nagging and forcing kids to study. (SOCIAL MODELING)

1:00 p.m. I think I am prepared. With my mind loaded with all the contents of our module(BANDURA’S Mastery Experiences) and my stomach filled with that energizing lomi, I asked my kids to pray with me.(DUNN & DUNN PHYSIOLOGICAL ELEMENTS – food intake) They lead the prayer and asked St. Jean de Vianney, the saint who always failed in his exams, to guide me in my quiz. I asked my kids’ cooperation by keeping quiet. They did.

In the comfort of our own room with my kids beside me, I took my quiz. Before submitting my answers, I asked them to sit beside me so we could view the result together. Twalaa! The result said “you scored 100/100.” The three of us were so happy. (BEHAVIORISM – EXTRINSIC MOTIVATORS) Once again, they lead the prayer and thanked God.

I told them that I do not claim any credit for my score. The quiz might have turned out to be totally difficult. And I may have failed. What is important is that we always try our best and leave all the rest up to God.

Distance education has provided me and my kids with opportunities to study together, work hard together, eat together, pray together and celebrate life together. This episode of my life inspires me to overcome obstacles and finish my Professional Teachers Certification program in UPOU.


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