1) Have your COR and other documents ready.

2) Attend the TAX BRIEFING held every Thursday at your RDO. Prepare your questions so you may be clarified about the details of filing your tax.

3) Apply for ATP (authority to print). Counter 3 will guide you through the process.

4) Apply for books of accounts. And buy accounting books (they are usually available in front of BIR). Make sure you ask the OFFICER OF THE DAY if you purchased the right book. There are many types of books depending on your business.

5) Fill out FORM 0605 again for your ATP and Books Registration. Usually forms are available online. BIR agents highly recommend that you fill them out online. Don’t worry because they have an e-lounge where you can download and fill them out. Outside computer shops may charge you extra but they are usually very helpful especially to beginners who do not know how to fill out the required details. Their help is worth the extra cost  J

6)Next, have your form signed by the BIR agent before you proceed to the bank for payment.

7)Once in the bank, fill out the bank’s payment slip. Know the tax type, BIR account number, your TIN number and form type. Details are posted in front of the teller. So you’ll have to read them in order to learn. If you find this challenging, you may ask the security guards for help. They are very accommodating and knowledgeable J

8) NEVER FORGET TO PHOTOCOPY YOUR payment slips and other documents before you go back to your RDO. There are rarely, if at all, photocopying services inside BIR. Forgetting to do so would mean going back and forth.

9) Once you get back to your RDO, Get your Queue number from the  guard’s computer for COUNTER 3 and BOOKS REGISTRATION.

10) While waiting for your turn, have your books stamped and fill-out the first page of your accounting books.

11) Once you are called, present all your payment forms and books for the chief’s signature.

12) Once you have your books signed, look for an AUTHORIZED PRINTER. You can usually find them inside the building waiting for prospective clients. (WARNING: MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE YOUR OR PRINTED BY AUTHORIZED PRINTERS TO SAVE YOU FROM PENALTIES L ) You may ask counter 2 for a list of credited printers.

13) Printers usually sell a minimum of 10 booklets for a starting price of P800- P 1200.00 depending on lay out, size, number of duplicates or triplicates, etc. )

14) Once, you found AN AUTHORIZED PRINTER, GIVE HIM/ HER A PHOTOCOPY OF YOUR COR, PAYMENT SLIP AND FORM 0605 FOR ATP) Never give your original documents.

15) The printer will give you the OR (Official receipts) in two weeks. Make sure they have it stamped in BIR before you get them J

16) Good luck! With your OR’s, you are now a registered businessman 🙂