Module 9 – Criticizing my own work…

Faulty Sample Tests That I Constructed

I opted to use the subject Sped for module 9 simply because I already prepared some traditional tests that served as my reviewer in preparation for our objective exams last November 22. Much to my surprise, the tests that I made were poorly crafted and do not meet the standards in the pdf

The test questions I prepared were poorly crafted because the questions were copied from the resource materials verbatim. I learned that teachers should construct questions in their own words in order to discourage students from merely memorizing their learning materials.

Criticizing my work:
Below are the other test construction rules that were not followed.
“1. Avoid verbal clues which might enable students to select the correct answer or to eliminate an incorrect alternative.”
2. “Keep statements short and use simple language structure.”
3. “Is each test item independent and are the items, as a group, free from overlapping?” (Devine & Yaghlian)

Because I wanted to improve my skills, I decided to revise the whole sample test as a whole. Hence I arrived at a totally different assessment approach. Believing that my favorite teachers Teacher Malou and Ms. De Villa are the epitome of ideal teachers, I reflected on how they made learning fruitful for our class. I believe that I did not only learn theories from them but also practical and sensible applications of theories as shown by the way they managed our class.

My Sample Tests:
test 3


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