Planning and Creating Tests (Module 9)

Source: All the steps stated below were copied from the pdf Center for Teaching Excellence Test Construction Manual
Construction of Objective Tests by Professors Marjorie Devine & Nevart Yaghlian. I used their steps as my guide and put my own personal applications in the text boxes.
1. Planning for the test:

— Outline subject matter content to be considered as the basis for the test;

Subject Matter: Special Education on Principles of Universal Design & Magna Carta for the Welfare of People with Disabilities

– Identify learning outcomes to be measured by the test;

Learning Objectives: Students must learn all the principles in universal design and find relevance of such implementations in the Philippines. They must develop an awareness on the “true” plight of people with special disabilities in our local communities and see whether or not policies are implemented and whether or not PWDs truly enjoy their rights as stated in the republic acts enacted by our government .

–Prepare table of specifications.
–Choose appropriate type(s) of test items for evaluation of learning outcomes as
summarized in the table of specifications.

2. Preparing the test:
–Write test items according to rules of construction for the type(s) chosen.
–Select the items to be included in the test according to table of specifications.
–Review and edit items according to guidelines.
–Arrange items: decide on a) grouping of items, b) sequence of items within groups, c)
sequence of groupings.
–Prepare directions for the test; if necessary, prepare directions for individual items (e.g.,
matching type) or for sections (e.g., negative form of one-best response type).
–Decide on method of scoring.
Answers to question number 2 are inside the TOS box.
3. Analyzing and revising the test:
–Perform test analysis to determine difficulty, discrimination and reliability.
–Retain, edit as necessary, or discard items on basis of analysis outcomes.
–Revise the test as a whole if necessary.

Short Answer Test: 2points each.
1. Give at least 3 principles of universal design of instruction practiced in our class.
2. Cite one instance in our class where principles were ignored.
3. Choose one UD principle and explain how they are implemented in public places.
4. Choose one UD principle and explain how they are implemented in an open university like UPOU.
5. Which among the UD principles is the least feasible to implement?

Essay Test: Your answers must not be less than 30 words and not more than 100 words. 3 points each.
1. How does the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities improve the plight of persons with disabilities?
2. Is RA 7277 enough to meet the needs of people with special needs? Why?
3. If you were a congressman/ congresswoman, how will you revise our existing RA 7277? What modifications will you make and why?.
4. How has the view on people with disabilities changed through history?
5. Cite examples of classroom set-ups that do not practice UD principles. How will you modify these set-ups?

Devine, Marjorie & Yaghlian, Nevart. Center for Teaching Excellence Test Construction Manual Construction of Objective Tests. Retrieved from


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