When Traditional Assessments Turn Bad


Back in college, I did encountered faulty assessment tools. There were tests that included topics that were not taken up during classroom discussions. (Or else little emphasis was given to it by the teacher) Some questions were so poorly constructed that grammatical errors made the questions vague and ambiguous hence difficult to answer.

There were also times when teachers would ask me to check the test papers of my classmates. Being young and immature, I was very subjective when it came to grading essays. Fortunately, none of my classmates dared to question how I came up with their scores. I now realize that because I was too young and childish, I gave lower grades to classmates whom I did not like.

From our modules and from my own experience, I now know that traditional assessments must be constructed with utmost care. Essays, in particular, must be considered and graded as objectively as is humanly possible.

Photo retrieved from www.facebook.com/cat-addict-anonymouse



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