Planning & Constructing Tests

1. Plan the content and objectives for the test (percentage allotted for each content must depend on the class time allotted for each topic). Content must be aligned with your teaching goals and discussion coverage.

2. Decide on the test format (identification, matching type, enumeration, essay, etc.)

  • your cognitive objectives will dictate which format is most appropriate to use. Do you want to measure knowledge and recall of facts? Or analysis of lessons to real life situations? Etc.
  • class size (which will be easier for the teacher to check. i.e. essays for small classes and true or false for larger classes)
  • time available to construct the test (essay takes shorter time to construct while matching type takes longer to make)

3. Make sure the number of items is just right – not too few but not too many. Essay types and construction must appeal to your students to keep them interested in answering the test.


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