Differentiate Standardized and Non-standardized Tests


Standardized tests provide information on the percentage of students who attained a level of mastery in a subject in a given geographic area. Student’s scores are compared to externally established criteria. NSAT for example tells us the average performance of high school students in a particular school.

Standardized tests may also be used for diagnosing intellectual and neurological conditions like autism and other developmental delays. Special children may take individual but standardized tests. Results are compared to a standardized measure of disability or intelligence.

Non-standardized test, on the other hand, are used to assess students’ individual performance in a classroom. They may be prepared by teachers and need not be standardized. Essays and oral presentations are examples. They may be used for the purpose of providing individual information about a student’s skills and may serve as assessment “for” learning. The flexibility of non-standardized tests allows students to choose among several options how they will showcase their skills.

Standardized and non-standardized tests are both useful so long as we know which test to employ or use on which skill that we want to measure.


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