Recontructing my Ideas for Assign1 (Integrative Instead of Summative Assessment)

Rather than using Summative Assessment for the final exams, an integration of everything that was learned piece by piece will now be formed to make a whole. This will be called Integrative or Holistic Assessment. Instead of asking students to simply execute all the mixing skills that they have learned, they will be asked to apply their learnings to real life situations.

Questions to ask when planning the assessment process:

  1. How will the students display or  demonstrate what they have learned?

Answer: Through a culminating activity.

  1. Can the subject give them the ability to      work as globally competitive bartenders or to be bar and cafe entrepreneurs?      How will the students demonstrate this knowledge?

Answer: The culminating activity should allow them to become bartenders and entrepreneurs through creating a bar and cafe that will provide products and services to real guests.

  1. How can they apply high order thinking to the basic knowledge the have acquired?

Answer: After knowing all the items in a bar and acquiring all the skills of a bartender, they must be ready to construct their own unique products, create their personal concept of a bar or cafe and conduct a culminating event with real guests as assessors.



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