For my assignment, I have decided to present the performance task that I used in one of my HRM classes when I was still teaching in college.

When I was still in the academe, I was assigned to participate in an exhibit that showcased what students have learned in HRM. CHED officials were scheduled to visit the exhibit (which would be opened to the public as well). Being young and aggressive, I chose to showcase the students’ learning in the subject Bar and Cafe Management.

The bar that we HRM students refer to is one that is similar to cafes and hotel restaurants like the Hard Rock cafe and TGI Friday’s. It is a very lucrative employment option and is in demand here and abroad, especially in luxury cruise ships.

My first template shows the formative assessment that was used a few weeks prior to the culminating activity. A number of other formative assessments were also used to allow students to explore new ideas, collaborate with each other, to criticize the work of others, and to re-do their own works (e.g. inventing new beverage mixes) until they come up with products that will sell in the market.

Several meetings involved students reflecting on their work and improving them. When things are all set, the summative assessment comes next. The class will then show a culminating presentation of all their improved products to a group of assessors. Assessment tools that contain the criteria for grading were given to each of the assessors.


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