How do I currently assess those skills and products?

Students engage in performance-based tests where they will be asked to mix beverages, present them and sell them. They also engage in activities that will showcase their creativity and uniqueness in conceptualizing, setting-up and running their own bar.

For every finished product, a survey form which contains the rubrics is distributed to all members of the class. Each will rate the new product invented by their classmate.

Assessment tools: survey forms containing specific criteria for rating the product

Assessors: fellow classmates, teachers from other subjects, students other than those in class, school officials, CHED officials

How might performance assessment support my teaching and student learning in that subject or course?

FIRST ASSESSMENT: FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT – The performance assessment allows teacher and student to collaborate with each other, invent saleable drinks through trial and error, survey the other members of class about every cocktail drink invented, etc. all these activities will be part of the formative assessment. The class will have the chance to criticize each other’s inventions and concepts, giving everyone the chance to improve his/ her own drink.


For the final exams, there will be a culminating activity that will showcase all the approved cocktail drinks. The class will act as a group. Each student will have his/ her own designation. Depending on their strengths, the group will decide who will act as the manager, the bartender, the concept designer, etc. For a more accurate assessment, non-members of the class will be invited as guests. (In our culminating examination, we were fortunate to have the activity as part of an exhibit that was attended by CHED officials and teachers from other schools. I asked them to grade the culminating activities of my students.) Bias in grading or assessing was eliminated since assessors were neither a part of the class nor the school.


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