A Funny Experience. (I committed a malapropism and others plagiarized it.)

Distance Education is, perhaps, the school system most prone to plagiarism. Why? It is probably because in distance learning discussions are posted in virtual classrooms rather than delivered orally in real time. Given that most fora are held asynchronously, distance learners have access to others’ posts and have the luxury of time to copy paste as much as they like.

One very busy week, I was cramming for one of our on-line discussions in another course. Feeling really exhausted, I had to force myself finish a post. I was so tired that I was almost half asleep. As result, I committed an error by wrongly quoting a term.

Imagine my surprise when, a day or so after, I read that same malaproprism on the discussion board.  Apparently several of my classmates copied the term I mistakenly typed on my post. Realizing that the term I used was wrong, I checked the other reference materials only to find out that none of the authors used that term in their books.

What’s funny about plagiarism?

I committed a mistake and several others copied my mistake, even owning it as if it was their own. Nobody ever thought less of me for the malapropism I committed. Perhaps it was because nobody realized that it was a mistake, or perhaps because they all are afraid of being accused of plagiarism.




Photo retrieved September 18, 2013 from http://www.facebook.com/cat-addicts



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