In preparation for my final exams in EDS 103, I opted to use Kolb’s Learning Cycle in Learning.


Concrete Experience (CE) “FEELING” experiential encounter with a new situation or a reinterpretation of existing experience

~~~A more thorough observation of the current practice in school may allow me to change my opinions regarding the effects of the practices employed therein.

Reflective Observation (RO) – “WATCHING” thoughtful scrutiny, on the lookout for inconsistencies between experience and understanding.

~~~After going through the modules about the different learning theories, it is now time to observe the current school system in my community, to inspect and examine which practices adhere or contradict which theory.

Abstract Conceptualization (AC) – “THINKING” modification of an existing abstract concept or creation of new ideas through reflection

~~~Answers to set B of my exams are new plans and suggestions that may improve the current system in that particular school.

Active Experimentation (AE) – “DOING” explore outcomes through application to real-world situations

~~~Reflections and new concepts that I was able to make through my subject EDS may now be practiced and explored for its positive results to my teaching practice.


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