Below is a part of my post in our very first forum on metacognition. Teacher Malou edited my answers and highlighted a few for “future rethinking”. Now I would like to apply Jean Piaget’s concept of accommodation to improve my schema on learning.

“Whenever I study, I consider myself a child or an empty bank account. I am always so excited about things that may be added to my stock of knowledge. It’s the same feeling one gets when his empty bank account is suddenly filled with money. This makes learning not only an exciting but also a fruitful experience for me. I agree with Avicenna, the Islam philosopher, when he likened the mind to a “tabularasa” or a blank slate. {Put a tab for future rethinking}”
I always used to think that a new subject is a totally new world of learning. Perhaps this is also the reason why I tend to have a short memory span. I have learned from Module 8 that learning can be made more meaningful if we learn to “assimilate, accommodate and equilibrate.”

Distance Education is more learner-centered and self-directed. There are minimal opportunities for one to ask a teacher for an explanation on unclear topics. Though our teacher is very accommodating, I often choose not to disturb her because I fear I might bombard her inbox with questions that I myself can answer only if I will do further researches.

This is how I slowly learned how to learn the constructivist way. Every new topic is an adventure. It is something that I would not be able to understand if I do not use my own experiences and other people’s anecdotes. Theories are made clearer if I use to relate them to my previous experiences as a mother and a teacher.
In the end I realized that I am not a blank slate at all! Thanks to Teacher Malou. My mind is more than a tabularasa. It is comprised of so many wonderful and colorful experiences and stock of previous knowledge. Finding connections between my past, my present and my future experiences makes learning more fruitful and fun!


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