A Fun Test For Teacher Malou!

laughing-crowd_cartoon[1]I made this as a practice test and personal reviewer for Quiz #3. However, I was reminded of my fun tests when I was still a teacher.

As a teacher, I made it a point that students don’t find exams as a stressful and dreaded activity. There were times when I make one extra copy of the test paper for myself. I take a “fun” test with them. Students look forward to my fun tests because they want to challenge my mastery of the subject. (Sometimes I allow them to form a group and make the test questions for our quiz.)Anyone who will beat my score will be exempted on the next test.

Students do not realize that they experience flow in this type of tests. They become too eager and focused on the exam because they want to beat my score. Afterwards, I ask a student to check my own test paper. If I make a mistake, there will be a loud bang inside the class.

Hi Ma’am! For the sake of fun, you may also try answering my reviewer!



P – Physiological needs

S – Safety Needs

B – Belongingness & Love Needs

E – Esteem Needs

A – Self – Actualization

I. EASY TEST: Classify the need

  1. 1.       friends
  2. 2.       safety
  3. 3.       including creative activities
  4. 4.       food
  5. 5.       intimate relationships
  6. 6.       feeling of accomplishment
  7. 7.       security
  8. 8.       water
  9. 9.       prestige
  10. 10.   warmth
  11. 11.   achieving one’s full potential
  12. 12.   rest


II.          Group the needs

  1. Psychological      Needs   a)       b)
  2. Self      – fulfillment Needs  a) 
  3. Basic      Needs  a)        b)



III.    CHALLENGING TEST: These are other needs stated in Maslow’s needs from the other materials referred by Teacher Malou: 

  1. confidence
  2. bodily      integrity
  3. reputation
  4. full      use and expression of capacities
  5. independence
  6. predictable      and orderly world
  7. competence
  8. sex
  9. mastery
  10. full      use and expression of talents
  11. adequacy
  12. relaxation
  13. desire      for strength and achievement
  14. sleep
  15. warm      and friendly relationships
  16. full      use and expression potentialities

IV.        TICKLE TEST: True or False:

1. According to Maslow, there are no other needs aside from the five needs that he mentioned.




1.       B

2.       S

3.       A

4.       P

5.       B

6.       E

7.       S

8.       P

9.       E

10.   P

11.   A

12.   P


1. a) B    b) E

2. a) A

3. a) P   b) S



  1. E
  2. P
  3. E
  4. A
  5. E
  6. S
  7. E
  8. P
  9. E
  10. A
  11. E
  12. P
  13. E
  14. P
  15. B
  16. A


IV. FALSE. He added cognitive and aesthetic needs to the 5 basic needs.

 Fun tests develop camaraderie. They remind me that no teacher is omniscient. Fun tests keep me humble. Teachers and students learn and acquire mastery of the subject together. Checking of the papers allow us to debate and laugh together. We learn to respect each other knowing that no one can perfect the test all the time. Tests become fun!


EDS Module 3: Motivation



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