After a thorough inventory of my learning style, I drew up plans that would make up for possible obstacles to my learning. Suggestions from my classmates are also a big help. I posted my plans on how to succeed in DE learning under the category Personal Reflections and Commentaries.      

Each of us is unique. We have different tendencies toward our ways of learning. To become a successful DE student, I must be aware of my personal learning styles. Knowledge of such will allow me to optimize my learning strengths and compensate for my weaknesses.

Understanding myself as a learner will help me become a more effective teacher in the future. Now I understand that each of my students has their unique learning styles. I must be able to assess their specific needs and intelligences and plan teaching approaches or method that will fit their particular learning style.

Though a class is presented with a single learning experience for a day, I understand that my students will form varying conceptions and perceptions of a topic. This is because each of them has his unique way of perceiving information. Each student has his own learning style.

I would like to end this personal reflection on learning styles with this funny picture below. I hope I and those who will read this won’t fall under the cat category.  😀




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