Intrinsic and Extrinsic Goal Orientation


I believe that as students mature, their learning becomes more intrinsically oriented. I myself, study our course for the sake of learning. With a more matured outlook now, I want to use this DE opportunity to grasp as much knowledge as I can get so I may have a deeper understanding of teaching as a profession and a vocation.
Personally, I have experienced how extrinsic orientation both became a drive and a hindrance to my learning in college. The pressure to maintain a certain grade for Dean’s List occupied much of my study time. I was too driven to focus more on mastery so as to perfect my exams. However, I had less time for reflective and constructive thinking. Good grades may have provided me with an easy access to any job I wanted. On the other hand, I believe that I could have grown a lot wiser if I took the time to relate my lessons with my present enterprises and future endeavors.
For Teachers: There were times when I finish my classes ahead of time. While waiting for dismissal and when I have nothing else to discuss, I spent heart to heart talks with my students. Free minutes like these may be used by teachers to explain to students how needs for self-actualization or achievement may affect the way they study.
We may explain to them the good and ill-effects of being too “grade conscious.” Students must realize that orientation towards grades and recognition may be used as a tool for motivating oneself to study hard. However, they are not the end all be all of studying. Students must set intrinsic goals too. They must learn how to grasp true knowledge and wisdom in every learning activity too. Students must learn to assimilate what is taught to their personal lives.


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