Some of us may say, “I enrolled in PTC program so I may have the credentials and meet the requirements for LET.”



A certification of completion on this 18 unit program is not a guarantee that one will become an effective and a truly professional teacher. It is a mistake for most students to consider that a piece of paper or diploma is all it takes. Learning is not about finishing the number of years or units required for a certain profession. Students must be oriented toward forming a deep understanding of what it really takes to be a “teacher.”
I enrolled in this program with this goal in mind:

Of course, I wouldn’t want to understate the big help a PTC certification will play in my career. However, there must be more important reasons for enrolling in this program. I hope that through this course, I may be able to become an exemplary teacher someday. This subject allows me to fully understand myself as a learner. Teaching is a life-long learning process. A good learner is a good teacher. Understanding myself as a learner will allow me to better understand my students as a learner too.


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