DE offers us an opportunity to interact with classmates worldwide

by Eira Claudine Hilario – Tuesday, 21 May 2013, 08:04 AM


Still in relation to Dunn and Dunn’s LSM, sociologically, I work best with peers. I am aware that distance learners can still initiate conversations and interact through the forums and other means online, but casual face-to-face conversations let me feel more relaxed and I am more able to stay focused because of the physical presence of my peers. Forum discussions still feel a bit formal to me, but fortunately, I see some of my classmates being as “relaxed” as I am when it comes to wording and language expression. Some authoritative guidance is also needed in my part. A reminder here and there from my teacher helps keep me on track.


 MY COMMENT: I guess I found someone who is an extrovert like me. We both like to study with peers! My solution? I will frequently respond to her posts. That will make her feel that a peer like me is present in this virtual classroom. Hope she responds too, because that will make me feel like I have true seatmates to talk to inside this automated class.



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