Behavioral Perspective: Positive & Negative Reinforcements

My Father is the BEST Award-giving Committee in the World!


I was blessed to have a father who is very generous in giving rewards. He motivated me to strive in my studies.

I was a dean’s lister and a college scholar. The university grants me a certain percentage of tuition discounts depending on my ranking. Every enrollment time, “tatay” would give me the whole amount of tuition fee for regular students. I could have whatever amounts to my scholarship.  

Because of his policy, I was motivated to strive hard in order to save more of the money. I used his rewards to do little businesses in school. It was a good means of self-actualization for me. I was happy to have good grades and I was even happier because I know I earn a little from my ventures using my father’s reward.

As a teacher and a mother, I do not believe on using punishments. I believe they would only cause grudges in individuals and will not do any good. A few words of advice and encouragement are more effective.


Ooopppsss!!!  IT’S TIME FOR ME TO PONDER!!!

Critics argue that behaviorism decreases an individual’s intrinsic motivation. Yes it does! (I believe!) If a teacher or a parent does not give a child a clear set of explanations ON WHY HE IS STUDYING, the learner will see a superficial reason for doing so. That is to get rewards. Teachers and parents must explain to children that rewards are simply prizes. They just add fun and excitement to the whole learning experience and are not the raison d’être for learning.


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