I Hope for 0% Attrition Rate!

God has his ways of answering prayers 🙂

by Brendaly “Beng” Umali – Friday, 24 May 2013, 07:53 AM

Just the other day, I posted in the module 2 open forum my concern about my motivation dropping (see post here). Classmates were quick to give encouraging words (thank you very much). Some even shared that they’re also facing the same challenge.



It’s been 20 days since the start of classes, I feel like giving up already. I am overwhelmed by the so many articles we have to read and outputs we have to finish. I still have other things to do besides studying. Hearing Classmate Beng’s predicament somehow gives me a feeling that I am not alone in this endeavor. Classmate Beng and the others as well will be my inspiration. As long as I see you guys continuously exerting your effort in class, I will strive to do the same. My classmates and I are one in this endeavor. Our class is like a troop of soldiers in a battlefield. Our motivation to finish this battle will be rekindled every time we see the other members struggling to make it until the finals.



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