Module 2: Learning Styles:

imagesCAP2MN47After reading the EDS Module2, I tried to make an honest evaluation of my personal learning style based on the models of experts like Kolb and Gardner.

I believe I fall under the Diverging type of learner. I love debates and brainstorming and I am very open to feedbacks. I am very much concerned about people and culture. When I enrolled in this course, my primary goal is to learn how to apply learning theories to education in such a way that the younger generations may give rise to a new Filipino culture that is worthy of respect from our neighboring countries.  

Some call me idealistic. When others are too busy thinking about helping a failing student in class, I am too occupied with the declining NSAT performance and 15.81% passing rate in the 2011 LET – Elementary. I am very eager to learn how to apply the topics in our subject to the betterment of our countrymen’s performances in exams.  

Dr. Terry Armstrong released a set of questionnaires that determines which intelligences are strongest for a person. After answering the questions, my score revealed that my existential intelligence is the strongest. I think it is right. As a learner, I am most concerned with reflecting the relevance of every topic studied to human existence. I always tend to look at the bigger picture. I always ask myself about the application of learning theories, for example, to the betterment not only of a small number of students in class but to the advancement of the whole Filipino nation.



Harvey F. Silver, et al. So Each May Learn, Virginia: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development 2000


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