For me to have a successful learning experience, I opt to heed Kolb’s ideas on learning every time I post in my e-journal.

“Learning only occurs when a learner is able to execute all four stages of the Four Stage Experiential Learning Cycle model”, (Kolb, 1975).

  1. Concrete      Experience – I will gather as much new information from my teacher and      classmates in our fora.
  2. Reflective      Observation – I will reflect on our discussions and try to find their link      to my personal experiences.
  3. Abstract      Conceptualization – Through analysis of thoughts shared in the      discussions, I may modify past ideas that may need correction or I may      gather fresh insights about becoming a more effective learner/ teacher.
  4. Active      Experimentation – I may apply what I have learned and see the results

Reference: imagesCAGSYB13


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